Development Group

The development group was designed for children that are not ready to move into a Basic Mini Squad but are water confident.

In groups of 2-3 children they will work on their stroke correction whilst swimming the length of the pool practising their strokes.

This is where they will learn both freestyle and backstroke.

Class duration: 20 minutes.



Basic Mini Squad

Your child is now a confident swimmer and will be in a group of up to 4 children, this is where they confidently swim Freestyle and Backstroke and now learn Breast stroke. We will teach them the correct techniques to make there strokes stronger and look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Anyone in the Basic Mini Group must have their own flipper as well as goggles.

Class duration: 30 minutes.



Advanced Mini Squad

Your child has progressed to the highest level of swimming training available at Airlie Beach Swim School with up to 6 children in a class, swimming lots more laps, learning different drills and learning butterfly.

Anyone in the Advanced Group must have their own flippes and goggles.

Class duration: 30 – 45 minutes