Babies & Toddlers

Mum / Dad and Bub Classes

Teaching a baby to swim is a long term process, however it’s the journey itself and not the final goal that will prove to be a most unique and rewarding experience.

As your child develops and accomplishes each of the many skills on this special journey, it gives the parents a great sense of pride and personal satisfaction which makes the whole experience so worthwhile.

Our entertaining bubs classes focus on water familiarity; with lots of fun and songs. We teach you the parent / carer how to introduce your child to the wonders of the water.

We teach your child to be water aware and water safe.

If you start at an early age and continue in these classes you will find that your baby will be ready for one on one classes at a younger age and will be swimming on their own confidently.

Your baby can start Mum and Bub classes from 4 months old.

The pool is heated and undercover to make sure you and your little ones keep warm.

If your mother’s group would like to do a class we can accommodate and have you all in the same sessions.

Class duration: 30 minutes



One on One Classes

Babies move to one on one lesson’s once I have assessed them and think they are ready. Sometimes they may be ready swimming wise but not mentally and will get upset with the separation of not being with mum or dad.

If your child has never been in a baby class generally the age for one on one lessons is from 2 years old.

Our aim is to get them water confident, if they fall into a pool how to get back to the edge, floating etc. Once they grasp this we then move on to them learning the Freestyle stroke (big arms), breathing etc.

When the child is confident enough to swim down the whole length of the pool, Big Arms with breathing this is when they are ready to be moved into a group.

Class duration: 10 mins