Make-Up Lessons and Cancellation Policy

Makeup lessons will only be given if you go on holidays out of school holiday time AND GIVE AT LEAST 2 WEEKS NOTICE or if your child gets (Chicken Pox, Measles, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, School Sores, or a Broken Bone) or is hospitalised for a scheduled Operation.

I will make an exception for babies, however the classes are all very full so you would have to fit in to our schedules.

The makeup lesson will be given where we have a space and if you can’t do the given times the makeup lesson will be forfeited.

All makeups must be done in the existing term (they will not be rolled over to the next Term).

If you can’t attend a lesson could you please give us the courtesy of ringing the pool (49469191) before 8.00am, this will give us time to move people around or call on people that may be on the makeup list.

If you decide to stop lessons you will have to give 2 week’s notice, if not you will be charged for these lessons.

If a child doesn’t turn up 2 weeks in a row without a phone call their spot will be forfeited.