Hydrotherapy, also called Water Physiotherapy is exercise and injury rehabilitation completed entirely in water.  The aim of Water Physiotherapy is to decrease pain, increase range of movement and flexibility as well as develop muscle strength and general fitness. This type of rehabilitation often commences sooner than may otherwise be possible on land due to the buoyancy of the water and decreased weight bearing.

Exercising in water reduces the gravitational forces acting on the body.  So is greatly beneficial for:

    • People suffering from arthritis
    • Disabled people, Stroke victims, neurological patients who have reduced function of their limbs can perform far more movement than otherwise possible on land.  Floating aids such as pool noodles, arm bands and many more sophisticated floating devices will be used to help achieve this movement safely and comfortably.
    • People who have had fractures (broken bones) or are post-surgery find exercising in water very helpful if not able to weight bear.
    • Pregnant women, particularly later in the pregnancy- exercising in water activates the core muscles, which help to support the extra weight.

Exercising in water also helps to reduce swelling

Exercising in water when performed correctly, can really stimulate your core muscles and activate them functionally.  This is an excellent type of exercise for people with lower back pain.
Our pool is available for hydrotherapy sessions. In general, all of the scenarios mentioned above require the expertise of a medical professional to ensure that certain precautions specific to each scenario are adhered to, in addition to receiving the best aquatic exercise program for each problem.  Please speak to your health care practitioner about accessing our pool for hydrotherapy sessions.